aspirations for 05

Posted: 01/01/2005 in 10... 9... 8..., Stuff & Nonsense

I am rejecting resolutions or objectives (a little too UN), for a gentler lexis choice.

  1. Charity: give more, that is once I have got myself a new job.
  2. Faith: the bible, so what’s it all about?
  3. Intellect: a book per week, and at least one Shakespeare play and something non-fiction per month.
  4. Health: more tennis, yoga and perhaps a handstand.
  5. Frugality: set up magazine subscriptions.
  6. Historical: broader understanding of British Kings & Queens and world history (gulp).
  7. Frivolity: begin Doctor Who prep.
  8. Consumption: contraction in sugar and extension in fruit consumption.
  9. Abstinence: just a soda and lime for me.
  1. G.o.L. says:

    Have wasted(?) precious marking schoolbooks time surfing blogs – have u visited G’Day Mate??
    Just realised I should have just emailed u this – blame it on the pint of Baileys. Happy……

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