Posted: 12/28/2004 in films
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A confession, don’t judge as it’s an affliction, I love musicals. The repetitive rifts, soaring crescendos, the catchy lyrics and the dancing. Can’t get enough of that genre, as long as it isn’t Disney related or involving singing animals.

So, of course I had to see The Phantom of the Opera. Not bad for a glossy Hollywood outing. I was routing for PotO, he has so much more going for him than the Raoul. Roomy basement dwelling with own canal, white steed, gondola and an endless supply of candles and frilly white shirts (which is what I assume he spends his haunting allowance on). But, I can understand why Christine was a little scared of him, but hey coming face to face with a mannequin of yourself in a wedding dress could have been worse – PotO could have gone over all Norman Bates. The cast is great, Minnie Driver v funny as the prima donna and I never thought I’d seen Jennifer Ellison as Miranda Richardson’s daughter.

The flip side to all that frothiness is Hotel Rwanda. My hacky writing cannot do it justice – so go see it. A PG-13 telling of the Rwanda genocide, so it has a sanitised portrayal of the slaughter, but it is still a powerful film. At first I was annoyed with the rating, but then I realised that it would get it to a wider audience. Don Cheadle and Sophie Okonedo are spell binding and truly worthy of all nominations. Paul Rasesabagina is an inspiration, and I left feeling ashamed.

In the same train of thought as “Why can’t mankind learn from its mistakes”, Flight of the Phoenix. When the powers that be remade a classic can’t they avoid the aspects that weakened the original? The James Stewart and Richard Attenborough version suffered from being slightly flabby and housing terrible sterotypes. Guess what the Dennis Quaid one needs to hit the gym , and loosen up on the sterotypes. Doh! Firstly, Dennis Quaid, as much as I love him in DOA, Any Given Sunday, Playing by Heart, etc, he cannot do action movies. I think he panics and channels back to Innerspace – aarrggghhh. The original cast at least looked suitably distressed at their situation and started to go mad in the desert rather the modern crew who look like they have crashed landed straight into a Club 18-30 resort. But, hey there is an upside……Mr Laurie.

Okay, running out of steam. Ocean’s Twelve is lame. Sure they all look pretty enough but where’s the grift?


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