Posted: 12/27/2004 in daily life, Stuff & Nonsense

The days between Christmas and New Year are a bit like no-man’s land. One year is nearly over, but the next is yet to start. Should I busy myself with clearing out my closet and getting all the over due task of ’04 out of the way? Or focus on filling in my nice shiny new diary and working my way through my Christmas DVDs?

In the UK pretty much everything grinds to a halt till the 2nd, but over here we bravely soldier on. Of course in all my previous incarnations I ended up working those days. Part manning the fort, part lack of judgment since I would always use up all my vacation days before years end. Not that it bothered me that much. The office would be a skeleton crew, I’d sit and read awaiting the crisis that would justify my presence. Until that is we forgotten few would head to the pub.


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