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Posted: 12/21/2004 in daily life
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I look a little grumpy – but I really am smiling inside 🙂

 Users Leahhung Library Mail Mac-Smickle Alex.Imapmbox Christmas Tree Photo.Mimeattach Christmastree1

  1. Cowboy Bob says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words… this one says that you have too much time on your hands :o)
    Personally, my last christmas tree never made it in to the house :o(

    Will be putting up tree in Plumsteadia this week.

  2. G.o.L. says:

    Is there a spell on Xmas trees: last year- I’m off to N.Y. Son- put the tree up- it is in the back garden – and remained so until August…
    This year: tree up:) needles mostly down:( – decorations – well, Leah, you will recognise them as yours were the only ones in the loft!!!? Next year: I will buy a plastic tree and tell no one! 🙂 Ho Ho Ho

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