thou shalt not post in anger

Posted: 12/13/2004 in daily life

Possible might have made it into the top ten commandments if blogging had been around in the days of Moses. This entry was very nearly a full on, no holds bar vent regarding a transatlantic argument I just had with my brother.

I am an adult, turning 28 in ten days time, I take responsibility for my actions which resulted in me getting into a bit of a pickle. But, I did hope that my furthest and dearest might help me out rather than pass the buck (or in this case the pound) since it was a British based problem. At the end of the day it is not a huge disaster but is just magnified by the distance and inertia.

Hey ho.

I end up turning to my nearest and dearest who saved my bacon once again.

It probably doesn’t help my mood that there has been no mail today, so far…. Where, oh where, are my packages and of course the oodles of Christmas and birthday cards that should be winging their way to Alex and I (he’s another December baby to). I’ll just go and check the mail box again…….


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