Posted: 12/07/2004 in books, television
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You know how your mind wanders, you start thinking about films or television shows from yesteryear and try to recall their names. For a while I have been haunted by a British serial (or possible one off drama) from the late 80s, it was a costume drama set in the roaring 30s. It’s not that it was particularly spectacularly, but there are two striking parts of the plots that have always stuck in my mind. Firstly, the central couple spilt up and to save face for his wife the husband, who I thought was played by James Wilby, fains adultery in a hotel. Secondly, at the end of the tale the same husband has left Britain to go exploring and decided not to grant his wife the divorce. On his expedition he falls ill and in the wilds of wherever he is held hostage by an eccentric old Brit who forces him to read Dickens…..forever.

I think I watched this with my granny moth, well over a fifteen years ago. But the image of being trapped in the jungle and having to read Little Dorrit, again and again has stuck with me. Maybe this explains my aversion to Dickens and why I tend to speed read his prose.

Any way I have just finished A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh. I knew nothing of the plot of this novel when I start it, I read it because I like Waugh, and low and behold if this didn’t turn out to be book from which the above story was adapted!!!!! Freaked me out a bit….but now one of my personal mysteries is now closed 🙂


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