Posted: 12/07/2004 in films
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I have been salivating over the prospect of Closer for a while, although I hadn’t seen the play I am a fan of the writer – Patrick Marber. All I can say is that it is bloody good. An excellent film. Raw dialogue and a scorching cast.

It sticks to a play format, with the majority of the action happening off ‘stage’ and we see the actors reactions to the various situations over a four year period. Law, Owen, Portman and Roberts are the only actors with dialogue (bar a few extras with one liners here and there) but you do not tire of them.

The premise, the intertwined relationship of two couples and the pain that they inflict on each other (and themselves) in the process of trying to be happy. Dan (Law) an obit writer and aspiring writer meets Alice (Portman) and she takes him down the metaphorical rabbit hole. Alice, a self confessed waif and has more than a touch of Holly Golightly about her and is the catalyst of this mirthful adventure, inspires Dan to write his novel and then whilst he is getting his picture taken for the dust jacket meets Anna (Roberts). He is smitten and consumed but she extinguishes his advances. He seeks revenge by posing as her in an online chat and our foursome is complete as we meet Larry (Owen).

This is a beautiful film, with a beautiful cast who truly fence with pointed one liners. Owen and Portman steal the show from their mainstream counterparts, proving that it is better to be the one who leaves rather than the one left behind.

Another film I saw recently, Sideways, was not full of bright, young things but was wonderful all the same. Again two sort-of couples, trying to figure things in the wine region of California, and like a lot of grapes tastes is very bitter but brilliant none the less.

Both these films were refreshing to watch, as they weren’t packed with the fairy tale lies or a saccharin soaked reality. They showed it how it is, rough and messy and most of all asked the questions that we all want to ask.


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