Posted: 12/07/2004 in daily life

I am flat lining.

I just can’t get excited about gross domestic products or anything related to macro-economics. Don’t care about the difference between nominal and real. But, still all the related graphs and things are better than sociology, which in is IMO about as depressing as real life gets. Talk about no hope for humanity. I really don’t think I can face part two of the course – even though it will cover religion and crime. I’ll just read the chapters in my incredibly thick book instead.

I want to learn about Greek sculptures.

I want to read Aristophanes’ The Frogs.

I want to have a complete mind f&ck when I start learning Ancient Greek and Latin (which I have penciled in for 2006).

I guess I am neither a proper or social scientist. Give me Classics or as I like to call it legalised science fiction 🙂

  1. Daisy says:

    It’s late, I’m tired so forgive me if I sat perplexed for a few seconds wondering how and why and with what you were lining your flat. Images of tin foil sprang immediately to mind… :-0)

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