What’s a girl to do…..

Posted: 11/22/2004 in daily life

After packing Alex off to work, I have briefly returned to bed to feel sorry for myself. It’s that time of the month where I feel that I am being hollowed out with a spoon. To cheer myself up I am iTuning some Joy Division and U2. Whilst I sing along, I can ponder on which box set should I purchase for Alex and I’s Thanks Giving entertainment extravaganza; StarWars, Indiana Jones or Die Hard? A tough call – any thoughts?

  1. ali says:

    definetely either SWs or IJ……but thats a toughie – am thinking SWs (think thats what id want to watch) – but then what do you do at xmas??

  2. flaming zinc says:

    We’ll have no shortage of things to watch at Christmas 🙂 I have nearly 8 hours of the excellent HBO drama The Wire stored up on TiVo….. but I am hopeful that I’ll catch up with that b4 the 25th!!!!!!!!

  3. jennifer c. says:

    Are they still releasing that new Indiana Jones? See, you face this quandary: New SW will be released, and thus reductions in price and new boxed sets will emerge. However, if the new Indiana will be released, the same problem arises.

    I would not recommend Die Hard, just because… I don’t like it.

    Either way, Harrison Ford is involved, so you can’t really go wrong.

  4. flaming zinc says:

    The reason why we are thinking about Die Hard is that the 3rd one is set in NYC and now we live here it would be interesting to spot familiar locations.

    I think it is evenitable that they will re-re-re-release SW & IJ but I think I can live with that…tis the way of the world. That just leaves the choice between furturistic or dusty Harrison 🙂

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