Posted: 11/18/2004 in books, films
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I am sitting here looking at The English Patient, now I don’t wish to mislead you. Heaven forbid anything on the internet did that. I have neither, Ralph Fiennes nor a slightly crispy and mysterious man in my flat, I have to finish the book in the next two hours before book group tonight. But, I need to get something out of my system first – a back log of musing on celluloid or should that be digital. I feel that I have to pay a slight penance for storing them up. So, with slight shades of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon I have decided to try and link from one to another with only a few additional chains being added:

The Forgotten, a psychological thriller with supernatural undertones. An excellent film, they skillfully handle the alien aspect so that it is not cheap or silly like Dreamcatcher. The leads and supporting cast are great especially Julianne Moore and Dominic West.

Dominic West was in Chicago with Renee Zellwegger who is Bridget Jones. I don’t care what the pooky faced critics say, it is a superb sequel and I didn’t want it to end! I was so absorbed, that I forgot where I was, as it transported me back to London. Jim Broadbent was excellent as Bridget’s Dad and made a very convincing beak in Vera Drake. For a Mike Leigh film, Vera Drake, is not as depressing as you might think considering the raw subject matter. Imelda Staunton is inspiring, so meek yet strong and misguided. Fifty years on abortion is still a red button issue, but I hope this film acts as a timely reminder that whether it is legal or not terminations will still happen. And, surely it is better to live in a society that is pro-choice rather than risking the lives of women and girls with the horrific back street alternatives.

On a lighter note, Ms Staunton did a marvelous turn in Shakespeare in Love, with the a cameo from Judi Dench. Who was in the so-so adaptation of The Shipping News with Jason Behr who can be seen in theaters starring along side Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar in remake of Japanese film The Grudge. I don’t really do horror movies but I bought the hype that this was more psychological than blood ‘n’ guts. For me this movie was more an audio experience, as I had my scarf firmly over my eyes for the most part. What I was able to piece together from non scary moment to slightly less scary moment. Bad things happened in a house. No one lives in said house for a number of years, then estate agent able to off load dodgy house to naive American family. The neighbours obviously don’t give them a heads up, as bad things start happening to the new family and anyone who enters the house.

Bill Pullman seemed to be the catalyst for all the chaos, he was looking rather hagged in this film unlike his boyish turn as the president in Independence Day. If you can watch that movie again and you will see who Dubbya’s role model is. A red herring as the Pullman film I need to link to is Igby Goes Down with Claire Danes. Who played a wonderful teenager in the v under rated Home for The Holidays with Holly Hunter who is in The Incredibles. Like the horror genre, I don’t really do ‘cartoons’ but Alex and I had a few hours to kill between appointments and it was cold. So when I say it is smart and funny, I am not exaggerating. The premise, what would happen if superheros were not longer welcome, because of the litigious nature of society, and they are forced to live in their secret identities forever…….cut to a suburb near you!

  1. Daisy says:

    The Forgotten opens this weekend in the UK, now I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Must admit I loved the film adaptation of The Shipping News.

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