time and motion

Posted: 11/12/2004 in daily life

I have spent a large part of this week over hauling my resume, and I have just applied for my first ‘proper’ job in quite a while. So we, or rather I, shall have to wait and see what happens. But, at least I am now in the right frame of mind and the enforced hiatus has ended. I am hoping that by starting early I should be able to have something in place by the end of January. That way I will be able to go back to the UK on my vacation smug and victorious.

But, I digress, and so early on such a short post this really does not bode well, in previous entries I have expressed concern that time is being stolen from me. I am simply not accomplishing all that I should be in a week – therefore it must be seeping out of the corners of my life. Being a pseudo scientist and spurred on by a chapter in one of my text books I have decided that just for a week I will log all my activities to get an idea about just what is going on (or not). I tried to get Alex to do it with me but, he gave one of his “death stares” so I think I will be going it alone!

Of course I have to decide how detailed or not I get. Being of the anal persuasion it could get rather tricky and I am quite excited about the prospect of having a nice pie chart or graph to display my results. So please just fain interest, like Alex is doing at the moment and humour me.


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