high barnet

Posted: 11/09/2004 in daily life

I want to take a moment to share. I am going through a rare period of having consistently good hair days. Two weeks on the trot and I even have the photographic evidence (the generally v unflattering passport pic) to support my claim, which I may get Alex to try and attach later.

For the past fourteen years I have had a sadomasochistic relationship with my locks. I have abused them with agents biological and chemical. It has been cropped, bobbed, layered, bleached, past through the full spectrum of reds and browns, not to mention the more exotic hues usually restricted to tropical fish and fowl, but for some reason never permed. If it could, my hair would have divorced me, or at the very least got a restraining or a cease and desist order. Why am I not bald? I do not know, perhaps it is just trying to prove that it is more stubborn than its owner.

A few weeks ago, in an attempt to start re-adjusting to the real world that is beckoning to me, I hacked off my heliotrope hair extensions. Since then it has been behaving. Alex reckons it is because they were synthetic and causing an excess amount of static electricity, there speaks a physicist. Well, I am offering my hair an amnesty. I shall just accent you with a few, professional administered high lights on the T section and leave the rest. If a tree can grow in Brooklyn, then maybe my tresses can in Jersey.


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