Posted: 11/03/2004 in daily life
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Needless to say this is a v bad day. To make matters worse I am hiding in the bathroom as Alex is dealing with another furry friend that has got trapped, I think a baby of the one that got dealt with yesterday. I think we can safely say I will not be EVER appearing on Fear Factor and that I am a huge cowardly custard.  On the other hand I am looking at Alex in a whole new light, my hero and an excellent strategist whose chess like placement of the glue traps is clearing this little problem up.  By the time the exterminator gets here next week he will hopefully just be sealing up holes to keep the little buggers out.

Bugger, I hear something else and Alex is taking the rubbish out…..whimper……

  1. Mum says:

    I don’t know where you get your fear of the mouse world….. but I do rmember capturing a tiny one in the nearest thing to hand which was actually a handbag and with this rather nice bag swinging on my arm and you on my hip I went down four flights of stairs to the communal garden (this being Edinburgh circa 1976) and you were howling all the while. There was about 8″ of snow on the ground and I tipped the mousey out and it pattered across the snow in all directions. I thought as long as its radar is down/or it’s snowblind it wouldn’t find its way back into the building…but as I turned to leave I looked up and above me in the dark bare branches of the trees surrounding the garden were a confederacy of crows – all silent and all watching live sushi hopping about in the snow below them. I was mortified at my abandonment of said mouse and joined Little Leah in sobbing all the way up the stairs. Here endeth my mouse tail.

  2. Daisy says:

    Leah’s mum – you should start a blog, that was a great tale (or should that be tail?) :-0))

  3. flaming zinc says:

    And she has years and years worth of stories like this. I swear if let loose on the net in a few months she could fill it up all the available band width in SE London!!!!!!

    Maybe Alex and I will have to set her up when we go back to the UK in January for our belated Christmas visit. She just has to over come the technical difficulties that my brother imposes on her. After having broadband for nearly a year he still hasn’t set up the connection with a router so they can share it. Instead ‘He Who Does Not Pay For It’ keeps it hostage in his smelly room. Where not even mothers, angels or his girlfriend fears to tread.

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