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Posted: 11/01/2004 in books

Since Alex and I have had the best news EVER I feel that I really need to start 2005 with a clean slate. Lurking around the flat are twenty three books in various stages being devoured. If I don’t impose a literature embargo then this will continue to snowball. So, I am aiming to have read the said back catalogue by the end of the year and I am only allowed to purchase new books upon completion or if they are needed for my book group or courses. It amounts to just over ten thousand pages covering a wide range of genres – cosy murder mysteries, scary sized classics, the odd autobiography, modern classics and even a few non-fiction/science. If I wasn’t working, studying, eating and sleeping then I would be a bit more chipper about succeeding on this task. On that score I am allowing myself three wild cards, either books that are totally unreadable or ones that I have just gone off, that I can pass on. I wont allow myself to put them on my bookcase, as I’d feel a bit of a fraud having something up there that I haven’t read so I’ll give them away instead.

So to kick off this marathon, here’s my answers to this quiz:

Hardback or paperback?

In general paperback unless I can’t wait like a Rebus or a Harry Potter.

Highlight or underline?

Underline in pencil, not big on defacing books.

Lewis or Tolkien?

No competition, never been tempted by Middle Earth but I would go through the wardrobe.

E.B. White or Milne?

I go with the Buddhist master Pooh bear.

T.S. Eliot or e.e. cunnings

Eliot by default, as I don’t know who this Cunnings fellow is.

Stephen King or Dean Koontz?

Neither, rather have pins stuck in my eyes.

Barnes & Noble or Borders?

I prefer to browse around B&N as they appear to offer the larger choice but 95% of the time I will use Amazon for sheer connivence and economics.

Walden or B. Dalton?


Fantasy or Science Fiction?

Since I live in my own world of fantasy I prefer SciFi but I am VERY picky about what I like and tend to stick to the likes of William Gibson, John Wynham, Jeff Noon or HG Wells. I guess I should try and spread my wings Jennifer Government looks interesting.

Horror or Suspense?

I’ll only take suspense if it includes mysteries as that is my poison of choice.

Bookmark or Dogear?

Hello my name’s Leah and I used to dogear books. It has been nearly two years since I kicked that appalling hobbit and now I am evangelical in my use of bookmarks.

Hemingway or Faulkner?

I am beginning to think this quiz is skewed to American authors so I choose Waugh.

Fitzgerald or Steinbeck?


John Irving or John Updike?


Homer or Plato?

Homer, baby, my desert island choice.

Jeff Chaucer or Eddie Spenser?

I choose life and to hurry up and finish this quiz, Chaucer only ‘cos of the poker up the bum.

Pen or Pencil?

Pen and must be black, don’t understand why people write in blue ink?

Looseleaf or Notebook?

Has to be notebook, as you don’t get the same choice in ring binders as you do in the UK.

Aphabetise: By Author or By Title?

By genre, by author (surname, first name) and then by owner – Alex’s on one shelf and mine on another and never the twain shall meet.

Dustjacket: On or Off?


Novella or Epic?

Epic, as you never know when you might be trapped in a lift or stuck on a train and it is terrible to finish reading before you arrive, might have to make conversation or something.

Okay I really, can’t be arsed finishing the rest of this so in short the final answers (I trust you to figure out what the questions where); Grisham (but he can’t do endings), JK Rowling, Fiction, I guess historical romance, at least a chapter per sitting, I don’t get the concept of a creative non-fiction essay, neither ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’, buy as all the libraries had closed down when I was growing up in London and finally, word of mouth.

  1. Daisy says:

    “It has been nearly two years since I kicked that appalling hobbit”

    Waaaah? You’ve been hobbit kicking? I shall have to inform the Hobbit Protection Society!

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