The one where Leah quits

Posted: 10/18/2004 in daily life

Well, my two years off – so to speak – will be over in January and I guess it is time to re-enter the grown up world. Have I figured out what I want to do with myself for the next thirty years, have I bugger. What have i learnt/done in the past two years, other than I am very happy to be back living full time with Alex, read a lot of books, watched weeks worth of films and stretched myself into some very odd shapes during yoga. I am definitely saner for the break and discovered that my brain has not gone to mush.

It dawned on me that I am never going to go back into office tempting unless I quit the cafe, it’s a safety net and some of the people I work with are intellectually stimulating. Good conversation can be had. That’s all well and good but since I have decided to do the online Classical Studies BA with the University of London, I need a better job so I can save to pay for it. Plus, if I got something cushy in a cubical I can study whilst I am at work! So my plan, the great leap forward, my manifesto for change or an alternate universe written on the back of an envelope:

Firstly, quit cafe by the end of the year. Nothing quite like starting the new year as an unemployed sponger. Perfect timing really, since in January I’m coming back to London to sit some more exams and see friends and family. So February hit them tempting agencies again, except this time I will have my smart suits from London and slightly more sensible hair. By June I will be in need of a holiday and luck would have it I have the final exams for my A Levels, a huge family party (the aged grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary) in Berwick and a friends wedding – so pencil in Blighty. Come July I will be kissing the Manhattan pavement with joy that I have returned and will either be tempting &/or looking for permie work.

Now, Baldrick that all sounds like a cunning plan to me đŸ™‚


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