symptoms of the snowball effect

Posted: 10/14/2004 in daily life

I have been running around for the past few weeks like the proverbial blue-arsed fly. It has all caught up with me. I’ve gotten a bit run down and haven’t been able to shake the sinuously cold that’s been dogging me for over a week – in short I am a bit ‘under the weather’ so to speak. So I gave in, took yesterday off work and did nothing more stressful than due diligence on our sock draw. Then today instead of rushing straight from my shift to yoga, I have returned home to sit in bed and listen to the wireless. Bliss.

I am one of those people that takes on more than they can handle, but juggles and some how manages to get them all done (in the end). All be it at some mental or physical cost. Back in the days of yore when I, briefly, was an assistant for an web enabled recruitment search firm (they loathed the term internet start-up, though if they got as much press as then I think they would have happily accepted the term) I got myself seriously over stretched. Alex had just left for the bright lights and yellow taxi cabs, so you could say that there was a certain void that needed filling. Initially I’d been taken on to assist the office and customer service manager and to handle the accounts (no-one had touched the invoices for months, bar to hastily write cheques). After two weeks, my manager left. Someone else got customer services and I got the office management. Which really wasn’t that much of a change in work load as she had been grooming me to take over since day one. Everyone in the office was over stretched and long hours were the norm. Slowly odds and sods started floating my way. A rather full but varied plate was now in front of me. Then disaster struck and we went into liquidation. The ones with more sense left and I, who always loves a challenge and a bit of excitement, decided to give it a month. In my short time there I’d grown from being a small cog, who when I’d been originally interviewed by the MD he’d shown me all the interest of something unpleasant he had step on, to the point gal running the day to day show. Customer service, admin, promotional brochures, accounts, web stats, blah, blah, blah. I was their girl Friday.

It was fantastic. I loved it. Then it all ended, we got new backers and the old staff returned. Then it was not so much fun. I still had the same workload but people were loathed to reward my loyalty with a more interesting position. I guess to promote me they would have needed to replace me with two or more people. Needless to say, much to their amazement, I left shortly afterwards.

My point, what was my point – other than to try and remind myself that I once was a semi-professional – I still haven’t learnt to stop grabbing at every opportunity that comes my way. So, note to self, I must start practising a little restraint.


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