morning shift

Posted: 10/14/2004 in daily life

Tomorrow I have an early start, 5am, as I am opening up the store. It’s quite solitary start to the day, but since I feel this blog needs an injection of humour here is what, predictably, will happen.

04:50 Bleep, bleep, bleep, snooze

04:59 Bleep, bleep, snooze

05:08 Bleep, snooze

05:12 Lie in bed in a fluctuating state between sleeping and conciseness. But, tense because I know the alarm will go off again.

05:17 Bleary eyed, stumble through to living room to check emailed and surf.

05:36 Bugger, realise time. Need to shower, dress in the clothes that I haven’t laid out the night before. Ditto scrambling about for for bag.

05:50 Where are my keys?

05:51 Retrace steps from previous day and multi task by kissing a sleeping Alex good bye. Strangely his body has now totally filled the bed – he must be a gas.

05:52 Where is work tee? Three places to look; on floor, in washing machine still wet or in tumble drier hopefully dry.

05:54 Catch glimpse of self in mirror, am wearing said misplaced tee.

05:55 Leave flat. Already late. But when on solo shift I subscribe to Schrodinger’s cat theory – unless boss looks in store I may or may not be there even though I am actually else where.

05:58 Walk past all the people that I saw every morning when I did this shift through out the summer; homeless man, woman in Mickey Mouse tee and owner of 24hr deli who will be smoking outside (will eye me suspiciously incase I wish to purchase something which means stubbing out fag).

06:00 Walk past store and head to Starbucks. Depending on bank balance either a tea or latte and a scone.

06:05 Finally at work. Plug in ipod and kick off with my 6am Disco Mix. The next 40 minutes are terribly dull as I have a set routine for getting things ready and mentally noting what prep needs to be done.

07:00 Throw open the doors to the great and the good. Can never tell how busy we’ll be. Some mornings it can appear as if were invisible and others as if there is a flashing sign screaming ‘Come in and bother us’.

At some point the owner will breeze in and then the rest of the crew trickle in. And that as they say is that.


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