reasons to be cheerful

Posted: 10/06/2004 in daily life, television
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Leaving the self induced grumpiness of last week behind me, there are many reasons to embrace the merriment and mirth of life:

  1. The News Quiz is back.
  2. In The Archers Lynda has started casting for the village production of a Chirstmas Carol. This will beat the last years mystery plays.
  3. Enterprise will tackle the eugenics war.
  4. I have just finished unit one of economics and will worry about sociology another day.
  5. My friend Ali, who doubles as my brother’s girlfriend, has passed her viva and got her PhD. She will now be joining us working stiffs on Monday.
  6. Pay day on Friday, so I will be ordering a mauve pair of Ugg boots – don’t care if it is naff and everyone got them last year.
  7. Last Saturday I met Alexander McCall Smith. He was pubilising his new book, The Sunday Philosophy Club, which is brilliant by the way (very Edinburgh and totally gorgeous). He was a very jolly speaker and even self-corpsed when trying to explain a joke from one of his previous books.
  8. The devilishly handsome Hugh Laurie is starring in a new television drama, House, debuting next month – can’t wait!!!! V yummy.
  9. John Woo may be making a film version of He-Man….if the first outing wasn’t bad enough and after The Hulk….. hhmmm fingers crossed that one gets green lighted!
  10. Now, I better scoot as I am meant to be at the chiropractor…..
  1. Daisy says:

    Did you hear About a dog today? New comedy with Alan Davies, written by Graeme Garden. Very funny in parts, methinks.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    I concur – just listening to it for a second time, but this time with Alex.

  3. jennifer c says:

    Thank you for posting reasons to be cheerful! There is too much negativity going around, and it’s great to see something of positive nature. I think perhaps I’ll pump some life into my 10..9..8 category and use this as a section (with your permission, of course).

    One solitary q: what happened to the missing reason?

  4. flaming zinc says:

    The missing reason – a typo – ten was meant to be me on my way out….rather than blank and not sure where eleven came from??? Gremlins I guess!!!!

    Feel free to nab this section – I gotta do something with my 10, 9, 8 section too it got frozen in time months ago and now I think it’s time to thaw it out 🙂

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