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Posted: 10/04/2004 in films
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I guess this post is in honour of Daisy, as the topic concerns one of her favourite films – Truly, Madly, Deeply.

It is also one of my firm favourites. Though I had not watched it for over ten years, that is until last weekend, because of the guaranteed results; sobbing into a tissue, murmuring the words of ‘The Sun Aint Going To Shine Any More’ whilst gently rocking. The thought of the totally edible Alan Rickman being left behind whilst Ms Stevenson and Mr Maloney varnished into the sunset was as unbearable to my teenage self as it is to my pseudo grown-up self. I know that mixed relationships can be hard, but Kermit and Miss Piggy are making a go at it so why not the living and the dead?

What I am ineloquently trying to say is that at fourteen I did not really get it, well I thought it was just a tragically sad, but funny love story involving people with bad hair (Alex asked straight faced if it was set in the 70s). But, at twenty seven I think now I might, as they say, get the larger picture. Jamie’s character has to come back and be muchos annoying so that Nina can stop idolising him and move on (even if it is with the over excitable, pudding bowl haircut guy). The ultimate in self sacrifice even though he is already dead and lost her, he is forced to loose her again. Brilliant – no wonder it won all those awards 🙂

  1. Daisy says:

    I know I’m biased but dammit, that’s a good post! My best friend (also called Nina) will sit and sing that at the drop of a hat and still tear up at remembering the film.

    “Nina! How can you have rats?” demands the disgusted Claire.
    “It’s a personality defect,” explains Nina with deceptive meekness.

    I haven’t seen it for a good few years too, I think I’ll send ‘im indoors fishing this weekend, settle down with a pot of tea and have a nice good cry :-0))

  2. flaming zinc says:

    Ta, hen. Even thought it contained, as I have tried to tidy it up bit, some very dubious grammar and over use of the comma 🙂

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