huff and puff

Posted: 09/20/2004 in daily life

The mist of being a proud flat renter had descended upon me earlier this afternoon. So I decided to give our two and a half rooms a through vacum. Now, as I was on my hands and knees with the hoover extension thing getting into the nooks and crannies I start to smell something strange. I turn to look at the vacum cleaner behind me to see ‘smoke’ billowing out.

Being a level headed lass, even though I am a housekeeper with slightly slovenly habits, I turn it off and open the windows. On closer inspection I discover an over full hoover bag. So the flames of death may have been dust and what not reversing polarity and getting the hell out of dodge.

Now do I risk turning it on again or wait till Alex can be around to ‘supervise’ and be on hand with the bucket of water.


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