cats and dogs

Posted: 09/18/2004 in daily life

Woken up by the torrential rain outside. The sky is grey, reassuringly, menacing and punctuated by lightening bolts. The sharp drops pierce the skylight above me and the weather threats to stay, like an unwanted house guest, all weekend. The perfect excuse for a temporary hibernation with hot chocolate and plenty of carbs. To catch up with reading, television, blogging and over due assignments.

Unfortunately, I have to prepare myself to accompany Alex up to mid-town where he goes to the gym and I loiter in Starbucks till brunch. Perhaps tonight we can stay in, play scrabble and order in Chinese food.

  1. Why didn’t you just stay at home? Alex is a big boy and he can take care of himself in nasty NYC 😛

  2. flaming zinc says:

    Of course I never thought of that!!!

    Honestly, I like chumming Alex on these excursions (reminds me of our courtship when I would get to hang out at some of Manchester’s finest arcades watching my beloved play a variety of driving and shooting games) and it proves to be an effective springboard for the rest of the day. Since we’re in the city we might as well see a movie, visit a gallery or musuem, try a new resturant, etc.

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