annoyed of jersey

Posted: 09/10/2004 in television
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My geek side is having a hissy fit, all be it a silent one as Alex is still asleep (someone was up late playing Trout 14 or Storm Cloud 7 or something), I got my Friday night scheduling wrong….Joan is clashing with Archer!!!!!

The choice is easy, my dedication to the federation comes above all others but if Enterprise had been given the 21:00 slot then, well, at a later time period couldn’t things have got a bit hotter more dramatic.

Hey ho, lets turn that frown into a smile and I’ll remember that I can always catch up with the going ons in Arcardia on repeat nights or next Summers hiatus, and of course it’s only television show so it’s not really that important……

Live long and prosper 😉

  1. Rainbow Six

    So the games had arrived yesterday, finally! What I thought was just a game pack of Rainbow Six and Rainbow

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