return of the update

Posted: 09/07/2004 in books, daily life
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Just when you thought I had forgotten about these tedious reports to keep you acquainted with my comings and goings during my Jersey ‘vacation’ I strike back with another one.

Yesterday, I was overcome with a wave of patriotism and found myself glued to the sofa watching Henman battling to get into the quarter finals of the US Open. Of course I found it impossible to do anything else whilst this was going on. Therefore I didn’t get much done, apart from a couple of hours on the family and industrialisation. Which seems to be a bit of a chicken and an egg situation. One camp think that it destroyed the extended kinship within families and promoted the nuclear set up, whilst others point out that nuclear families existed before the spinning jenny and might possibly have facilitated the revolution. Oh, but I did managed to squeeze in the first two episodes of Andrew Davies adaptation of Vanity Fair – he really is a genius spinning Thackeray’s straw into gold.

Today, well today I stand accused of hogging this households sleep quota. Apparently, each household gets x hours of sleep assigned to them and if, like this weekend, one member of the said households indulges in early nights AND sleep ins then this will leave the other members of the collective bereft. Hmmm, I think SOMEONE played too many hours of Total Carnage or what ever shoot ’em they’ve got and this additional excitement kept them awake.

In two days I have rather greedily managed to read Janet Frame’s Faces in the Water. An excellent book, detailing the brutish treatment of mental illness in New Zealand in the 1960s. It really does obliterate my previous favs – Girl, Interrupted and The Bell Jar. Of course I ended up going into work, can’t stay away from them damn blenders, where over the holiday weekend they have painted the store a curious, no courageous shade of bleu.

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