bleary eyed

Posted: 08/30/2004 in daily life
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I am trying to get to sleep. I notice that Alex has my latest blog up on his laptop, but why does he also have Ecto running, and why does it contain my raw blog entries. Calmly he replies ‘That there were some obvious spelling and grammatical errors’. Blow me if I haven’t wandered into 1984 territory were Big Brother is correcting other peoples personal and published work.

Alex, leave off my blog entries – other wise you will stand accused of blog invasion or perhaps blog r@pe. Not that my work is in the same league, but you don’t wander around the Met with a felt pen improving and correcting.

I have no problem with my lax use of grammar or my interesting take on spelling. It is my style, it is personal and what’s more I don’t change your entries to make them funnier so hands off!!!!

  1. authgeek says:

    Like he should speak! I just corrected his usage of ‘apathy’ versus ‘apathetic’ earlier tonight!

  2. You tell him! if it’s a personal blog, then most mis-spellings etc. are forgiven since it’s an expression of the blogger’s personal style. hands off!

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