Posted: 08/29/2004 in daily life
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A few things that caught my eye, so, here goes….none of them are in the least bit news worthy and though it’s late for me I am in a rambling mood.

Apparently ginger nuts, no sniggering in the back, are the best biscuit to dunk. I do hope not too much time and money was wasted researching that subject as I, and the rest of the biscuit munching world, had solved that little conundrum quite awhile ago. But it puts me in mind about Natalie Imbruglia and the tim tam explosion on Graham Norton.

Another Irish comedian is coming to NYC under the British/Irish comedy invasion that Alex and I attended earlier this year… praise the god of light entertainment Dionysus.

On that note as a teenager my drug of choice was humour. So, the thing I miss most is the British wit – not that I want you to think that my childhood was all Oscar Wilde style quips around the dinner table but there was also a healthy balance of “Milky, milky” and Bottom impressions as well. It’s just that I was SO spoilt during my formative years that there is no way that Saturday Night Live or Joey are ever going to satisfy my need for satire. Whilst other girls of my age were queuing to get into night clubs (or practising applying make-up and hair styles) I was standing in line for The Comedy Store or watching Radio 4 recordings at the Paris studio in London. I hung on every angry word that Ben Elton uttered (how our idols have clay feet when they start collaborating on Lloyd Webber musicals) and learnt about politics with HIGNFY and Drop The Dead Donkey. It saddens me that this weeks Time Out NY comedy section only runs to two sides, so WestBeth Entertainment please keep sending the alternative comedians this way and Andy Hamilton don’t ever stop writing for Radio 4.

Two new trailers on Apple, on one side you have the wickedly cheeky Shaun of the Dead and on the other the earnest Closer.


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