Posted: 08/23/2004 in film
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I had to break away from my theme posting, as Alex and I finally got around to watching The Others.


Another showcase of what an amazingly, versatile actress Nicole Kidman is, even during her wilderness years – Days of Thunder, Far and Away, etc, and how she makes 1950s fashions ultra sexy. I remember her as a gawky teenager in Bangkok Hilton, but still she had the ability to handle the weighty topic and hold her own against Denholm Elliott. The Others really was one to watch ‘behind the sofa’ and although the ghostly twist wasn’t too much of a surprise the way it was executed was first class. I loved the dynamic between the brother and sister – reminded me of Jonty and myself!!!!!!!!

Another fright I got last week and today – my exam results. One half of the parental unit has already lamented me for not posting about it sooner. Well, after all my wailing and gnashing of teeth or should that read panicking that they wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting or plough through my dyslexic prose…. I only went and bagged myself an A in AS English Lit and Lang and a B in AS Classical Civilisation. Alex is in the process of widening all the doors to allow my inflated head to pass through.


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