Posted: 08/21/2004 in books
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So, Moby Dick has been languishing unloved and untouched for the past week. As, not surprisingly, I found the prospect of Lady Chatterly’s Lover slightly more stimulating. The prose is fully absorbing and some scenes are close to poetic – base level titillation this is not. By its close I was left pondering if it wasn’t just the passionate subject matter that had the censors and moral watch dogs alarmed but the portrayal of a woman fully aware of her sexual nature and the gamekeeper rising above his allotted station.

Poncy part of the post done – feast you eyes on two new Jude Law trailers: one and two.

  1. authgeek says:

    Why pick at the Jude Law trailers when you could be watching the Johnny Depp trailer?

  2. flaming zinc says:

    As much as I enjoy Johnny Depp films, he can be rather earnest and method in his approach – whereas Jude Law appears, IMO, to be quite an effortless actor and I was in a light and fluffy mood (plus he grew up in same part of SE London that I did).

    All that said, it does look like an interest story and his Scottish accent was rather good 🙂 Nice to see Kate Winslet back in a corset! Did you know that Barrie bequeathed his rights to the story to the Great Ormond Street Hosiptal in London and they actually changed the copy right law, specifically for that book & play, so that the hospital can continue to recieve royalities!

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