23 minutes and 13 seconds

Posted: 08/09/2004 in daily life

That’s how long I was on the phone to FedEx – but the new twist I was on location this time.

Now, I have had some problems with them in the past and that influenced my wariness towards their ability in delivering this letter. Apparently they tried to deliver it on Friday, but no slip left behind, so I called to arrange to pick it up at the mysterious Hoboken mobile truck location this evening.

I even called them again on my break to double check that it would be there.

It wasn’t.

I went prepared, in my sweaty paw was my cell and the tracking number. I felt smug as I was able to call customer services whilst standing outside the truck – no fobbing me off. Obviously the first guy I spoke to wasn’t impressed with my ‘Be Prepared Attitude’, since no matter how many times he told me it was in the truck I could stand my ground and firmly tell him that it wasn’t. I think this problem was a little too hard for him as he abruptly transfered me.

This didn’t go any smoother, my new representative was adamant it was in the truck because Pamela in the office had dealt with it. Well, that’s okay then if Pamela was in charge it must be in the truck. So the poor driver searched the truck for the third time.

Then I heard words that are very rarely uttered, with any meaning, SORRY it appears to be still in the office. Pam made a mistake and put it in the wrong pile and therefore it is not in the truck. Lets hope it’s in the truck tomorrow.


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