don’t choke on the stone

Posted: 08/05/2004 in films
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I am not one for gender stereotypes as role models, but in the name of light entertainment I shall go on. The chaps have – to name a few – Superman, Batman, the Hulk, the majority of the X-Men and they reward us chappess with Catwoman. Arriving on our screens to save the world from dodgy face cream…..

Oh well – I was nearly taken in with the gloss and sass till it turned into day old soda. It was definitely better than Daredevil, but it finds itself in limbo somewhere between a music video or a computer game. I guess that, for me, Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns nailed the feline transformation and this was just a little to predictable. Not to say that Halle Berry doesn’t stretch her talons in the role but Sharon Stone was rather scary (and not in a good way) but for me it was Frances Conroy‘ cameo, as she who holds the key to the transformation, that was the most fun!!!


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