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Posted: 08/04/2004 in films
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So, today’s excuse for ignoring economics – the weather is sweltering so it’s best if I hang out at the pictures where the drinks are cool and a/c chilly 🙂

I saw the trailer for a Touch of Pink on Apple but was worried that it was going to be a rehashed English language version of The Wedding Banquet. But, since it features Cary Grant (admirably played by Agent Cooper) as the protagonist imaginary friend, and mentor, I felt I had to give it a shot. I must admit that I have a bit of a pash for Mr G and would quite happily have him as my imaginary friend though Audrey Hepburn would be a blessing as she could furnish me with some style and grace 🙂

What’s it all about – two gay chaps are quite happily living together in London till Jimi Mistry‘s mother, a Canadian Muslim, shows up with the purpose of nudging him towards matrimony and some grandchildren. It is a pleasant movie – Asian/British and gay/straight lifestyles are shown but not polarized for laughs. But, what I really admired about the movie was it not having ‘preachy’ overtones and the neat way it ties up the mother’s acceptance and understanding. Also it is genius to have the imaginary movie star very six foot rabbit!


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