Posted: 08/03/2004 in films
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It was not out of pity that I went to see the live action adventures of the Tracy Brothers – but I did bump it up my viewing list because it didn’t make the top ten this weekend.

It is surprisingly good. An enjoyable, light hearted family adventure. I was impressed with the gumption to set it in the present day but have the sets and props hark back to the 1960s (the era of the puppet show) – something for the parents or older viewers 🙂 It was reassuring that the palm trees bend backwards and the swimming pool doubles as a launch pad.

The Tracy Clan (headed by widower Jeff and his five strapping sons John, Virgil, Gordon, Scott and Alan) are saving the world in the guise of International Rescue. The plot is rather silly, the youngest Alan is eager to join his brothers in the family business but he keeps being told he is not old enough and feels that he has to prove himself. Luckily an opportunity presents itself in the form of The Hood, who puts the rescuers in peril and the whipper snapper (and his friends) are left to save the day. The grownups all seem to have a whale of a time – whether it’s the square jawed solid father figure of Bill Paxton as the patriarch, or the assertive Lady P and her flirty bander towards her chauffeur Parker.

At the weekend we did see the slightly more grown up ‘The Manchurian Candidate‘ but I am saving my post till I watch the original…..


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