Posted: 08/02/2004 in travel
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Alex and I have just got back from a mini-vacation in Boston.

So nice to shaken up our routine – even if it was just for a few days. We stayed in the oldest hotel in the city Omni Parker House, very traditional with an imposing old world feel. Every time I entered the lobby I half expected to see a character in the vein of Lily Bart gliding by.

Since I am rather knackered, and dreading getting up at 5 am tomorrow morning, in brief my favorite bits of the weekend:

*One of the quirkiest ways to tour Boston is in an amphibious ex WW2 vehicle – Boston Duck Tours. Quack Quack

*The New England Aquarium is the best that I have ever visited, out of three continents and nearly three decades of being dragged around them. It’s not that it’s flashy with those scary glass walk ways but it was just well planned and very interesting. A little Jurassic Parkey with a glass fronted mini-hospital and at feeding time, in the penguin pools, we saw them making notes of how much they each ate. There was a fascinating exhibition on jelly fish and both of us left it wanting to know more about them – such bizarre creatures.

*Our visit wouldn’t have been complete without a touch of over eating at Legal Sea Food, when I came to Boston years ago with mum I swear we ate here every night. I have a sneaky feeling that I’ll be ordering their cook book this week.

*So the way some people tell it the whole Boston tea party, Paul Revere and rebel up rising happened in the same week but the Freedom Trail does try and put it in context for those of us who are historically challenged. It doesn’t help that my skewed view of history comes from Blackadder and unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the colonies so I am slightly at a loss.

* A bit put out that the Art Deco exhibition wasn’t opening at the Museum of Fine Arts until late August but the extensive collection of Greek vases more than made up of it 🙂

  1. authgeek says:

    Oh No! I can’t believe you went on a duck boat tour! They’re absolutely obnoxious. Assuming, of course, that these are the same type of duck boat tours that have those terrible noisemakers onboard as is the case in Philadelphia.

    At any rate, glad you were able to get away and take a mini-vacation!

  2. flaming zinc says:

    No noise makers – very sedate and not a public annoyance 🙂

  3. jennifer c. says:

    You know, oddly enough, I was just thinking about visiting Boston, since I’ve never been there. Should I make a long weekend of it this fall, or should I go visit somewhere else?

    It would be either 16 hour road trip (if we drive straight, no breaks [yea right]) or, if my friends suddenly strike it rich, yet another two hour plane ride.

    Is it worth the travel, or should I leave solely manhattan on my places to go this fall/winter?

  4. Daisy says:

    I worked in Cambridge for a few months many years ago and the higlight for me was visiting the Isabella Gardner museum. The courtyard is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever experienced.

    And the all night book stores? Bliss!

  5. flaming zinc says:

    As much as I like Boston I am not sure if it is worth a 16 hour drive – esp. if you just have a few days 🙂

    I didn’t make it to Isabella Gardner museum, it was on my list, but I thought two art galleries might have been pushing it with Alex and my love of Greek porn..oops…Greek art won out. Plus, the MFA had to balance with MIT and Science museums….

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