the game is a foot

Posted: 07/28/2004 in films, television
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Last night I caught a bit of entertainment news, an interesting sneak peek at pretty woman’s new film Closer, based on the Patrick Marber play of the same name. Well, it is my idea of nirvana and I can’t wait for its release – a well written, messy human drama and staring, other than Ms Roberts and the excellent Natalie Portman, the delectable Messrs. Owen and Law.

Oh – yes!

I was watching fluffy tv to try and balance the new reality game show that is sweeping the nation and possible RoW (Rest of World). It is a combination of Fear Factor and American Idol and the prize – to be leader of the free world (which I believe comes with the use of a personal plane, book deal and possible an airport to be named after you) ! The big question is who will host – Regis, Seacrest or rank outsider Rogan???

  1. Daisy says:

    Clive Owen is doing well all of a sudden, eh? That’ll definitely be on my “must see” list.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    He is muchos yummy – very glad that we now have a mutli regional DVD player so I can buy Chancer and drool!

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