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Posted: 07/25/2004 in films
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Last night was a good example of getting TOO excited about a sequel.

Matt Damon’s second outing as Bourne is a rather patchy affair *sigh*. It is not because they have deviated from the books, since I regard them as separate entities, but the lack luster conspiracy and portrayal of the new CIA team interested in the wayward agent. They are about as fascinating as cling-film (i.e plastic wrap). The best parts are when Bourne (or the anti-Bond) is task orientated, focused and one step ahead (there is a great fight scene which includes a new take on the children’s game ‘Paper, Scissor, Stone’). He seems to falter when he is on his own.

The premise is that Bourne is framed for an assignation and forced to resurface in retribution. Matt Damon is still excellent has the killer uncomfortable with his abilities. Brian Cox is, as ever, quite mad and delightful but I was disappointed with Joan Allen’s character (not just my inner feminist talking but a role that came straight out of a cereal packet) couldn’t she have been more Tennison than an M style desk jockey??? I liked the new director’s style, funkiness and of course how he handled the indigenous car chases. But, they overloaded me with one to many location introduction shots comprising of the city’s river and bridge.

Before I stand accused of being a tad snobbish. I say this, I can suspend belief and enjoy blockbusters with the best of them (I, Robot lots of fun but hated the in your face product placement – we’re not stupid we can recognise a pair of baseball boots without the running commentary) but this is being billed as an intelligent action movie. Which IMO it isn’t, because they would have had to give the film goer an espionage thriller that they could really sink their teeth into. Am I intrigued or excited about how the story ended? Not really I’d rather have re-watched Spy Game with Robert Redford and the under appreciated in her own country Marianne Jean-Baptiste (her Oscar nomination went practically unnoticed).

  1. Daisy says:

    Marianne Jean-Baptiste got an Oscar nomination? Off to find out more.

    I just this Sunday saw The Bourne Identity and quite enjoyed it. Think I’ll wait til this comes out on video.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    Yup – it’s a Blockbuster one!

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