This was going to be a diatribe on how my viewing tastes have changed for eighteen months away from Blighty.

You know I would ramble on about now watching things that I had previously turned my nose up at (Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders), my missing of the documentaries on Channel 4 and the Beeb (that I rarely ever watched but at least had the comfort of knowing that I could tune in if I so wished), I won’t even touch on satirical comedy (Saturday Night Live really doesn’ t make the cut but Curb is brilliant) and now PBS is my best friend. Then I would go on about how my first six months I got drunk on Law and Order repeats on TNT till Alex threaten to ‘child lock’ the cable box and I am now a much more discerning viewer. I have even stopped reading the Eastenders updates on the web and transferred my addiction fully to Radio 4.

But, all that pales next to the latest Six Feet Under episode. Breathtaking, uncompromising and uncomfortable – an excellent episode that was dominated by Michael C Hall. My commentary could not do it justice, so all I will say is that the main drama is book-ended by the stranded stranger.


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