deep breath in and relax…..

Posted: 07/17/2004 in television
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This news story ruffled my feathers as much as it amused me.

I felt the need to reach for world’s tiniest violin to express my sadness that a VERY well paid television actor has apparently been let go because of a salary dispute. We’ll just put aside that, according to reports in the popular press, leads or supporting cast members can receive more cash for one episode than most households earn in a year (and in some parts of the globe a lifetime). Now, I know that only a tiny percentage of actors hit the jackpot whilst the rest are busing tables and being seen in productions of An Inspector Calls so off-Broadway that it is actual a tiny theatre in the highlands of Scotland. Wouldn’t it make an interesting StarTrek episode to change those who we worship to educators and scientists (teacher or geek idol anyone?).

It appeared to me as hubris when a certain West Wing actor left the show and has gone on to quite a courageous string of tv-movies and cable mini series.


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