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Posted: 07/03/2004 in films

I am not a big Spiderman fan, of all the dudes in costumes he really doesn’t do it for me (my warped mind finds it disturbing that there is no mouth in the costume and therefore no snacking whilst saving or seeing his mouth move when he talks) – but it is a big summer blockbuster therefore I HAVE to see it!!!!

I found the first movie slightly too long and slow – I know it was setting the scene and I am sure that since I am not a comic officiardo I am missing lots ‘in’ jokes. It also bugs me that it is CGI Spidey that is swinging through Manhattan not Tobey Maguire! The sequel is definitely a better movie, faster paced and with a more light hearted comic book feel – but it still drags and I just don’t find it believable or have much empathy for the characters (apart from the wonderful Skoda who rocks). I know that you are meant to check reality at the door when seeing a film but the ensemble still need to do a creditable job (and this from the gal that bought the Judi Dench/Vin Diesel double act in The Chronicles of Riddick).

In a nut shell nearly every character is in conflict (Hamlet in Manhattan). Should Peter Parker stay as Spiderman and thus have a sucky life (failing grades, unable to keep a job, blah blah) or ignore the sirens and study. Who did MJ kiss in the alley and should she marry the astronaut. Will Harry Osborn avenge his father’s death. Even the *villain* gets in on the act – a good hearted scientist wrecked with grief but stuck with pesky controlling tentacles on his back.

I wont touch on the ending but IMO it should have finished when Harry, best friend/embryo nemesis, goes through the looking glass. But, if you enjoyed the first one then this sequel wont disappoint you which – regardless of this not being my cup of tea – is a good thing.


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