looping Mr Furious

Posted: 06/16/2004 in films
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I don’t usually watch breakfast tv as it annoys me – not so much current affairs but a pin striped version of Access Hollywood. Anyhow, I saw they were going to interview Helen Fielding so I thought I’d give it five minutes. Before the mastermind behind Bridget Jones came on they interviewed Ben Stiller, who happened to be promoting his fifth film of the year (yup – nearly one a month).

Too much Stiller I say and he’s flooding the market before ‘Meet the Fockers‘ is released this Christmas. Some of his films are good – Flirting with Disaster and The Royal Tenenbaums – but he doesn’t really have that great a range. IMO he just gives us slightly different incarnations of Mr Furious. Which is fine, but if you have restricted acting abilities you should limit the number of features you appear in so that it doesn’t draw too much attention to it e.g Keanu Reeves, Jack Nicholson, Matt LeBlanc, the late great Cary Grant and of course Paul Walker.

Then again, maybe Stiller is just trying to stand his ground as the ‘angry’ comedian before David Schwimmer gets going since being released back into the community.


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