tardy girl: part one

Posted: 06/14/2004 in culture, films
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These are very late 🙂

The Day After Tomorrow – contains extended scenes of peril (never!)

I like a good disaster flick.

Be it flaming meteoroids hurtling towards Earth, Shirley Winters drowning on a capsized ship or the core mysteriously slowing down – I say bring it on. This is a very enjoyable way to waste an afternoon, the cast do a stirling job and bless them for not actually saving the northern hemisphere. Dennis Quaid makes an excellent ‘Cassandra’, as the crumpled climatologist whose predictions fall on deaf ears and then has to haul arse to rescue his estranged son. It would have been more fun if they had played up more of the differences between an arctic expedition over desolate land and the urban landscape. The merry band of survivors hauled up in the NY Public Library weren’t too annoying but if I had been there I would have had every inch of the room they were huddled in filled with books to burn and had a scavenger party dispatched to abandoned vessel before you could mumble ‘frozen sausages’.

The science is obviously wobbly and if they channelled the budget of the film into climate research then the future might be a bit rosier – but that’s as much fantasy as this plot!

Troy – contains strong battle violence (they didn’t call it the battle of Troy for nothing)

I am turning into a bit of an anorak when it comes to the ancient Greeks. I like to think of them as a legalised StarTrek obsession and I can’t get enough of the whole honour/retribution thing (must be my Klingon side). First off, this is a modern interpretation of the Trojan War therefore it does not rigidly follow Homer’s ‘The Iliad‘ – the conflict has been condensed, characters are merged, other’s dispatched where once they survived and we do not see the god involvement (but they are referred to through out). There is a strong cast that add gravatas and support the ‘weaker’ Achilles (plus Hector is the real hero that steals the show). Brian Cox as Agamemnon is a suitable megalomaniac, but he better watch out as he could be evolving into the Scottish Marlon Brando and surely Peter O’Toole’s Priam is a shoe in for an Oscar nod.

It’s a capital adventure and a solid summer blockbuster. Finger’s crossed they do the ‘sequel‘ as Sean Bean makes a heart melting Odysseus.


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