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Posted: 06/02/2004 in television
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Luca is a good samaritan and pulls over to help a lady & her family whose car has broken down…..then disaster a car crashes into them and Luca is on site trying to save them all.

Dr Chen is sporting a black eye which I reckon is down to her senial dad.

Dr Pratt has got a flash new car….I have a feeling that will end in disaster. As he is driving home with Dr Chen and a patient he is involved in a road rage incident where the other driver shots at them and then they crash.

Weaver is due in court to fight for Henry…heart wrenching as we cheer for the limping lesbian pleading with the judge.

Nurse Sam finds out that her son is missing from school and figures that his errant dad is to blame….she comes home early to find a dodgy bloke hanging out and Alex’s dad is high….but he has got job managing their apartment block. Needless to say she is pissed about that. Sam decides that they are moving. Alex calls Luca and he goes to try and stop them…I think he may go after them.

Neela is starting her residency at a posh hospital and looks like she is having doubts. She ends up turning down the residency – so she is now homeless and jobless.

Abby is still waiting for her boards and helping an elderly teacher dying from cancer. Former students come to visit him. She has passed her boards.

Carter is OTT in trying to help the young boy from the car wreck.

So that’s it and I guess we’ll find out what happens come Sept.

  1. Daisy says:

    I saw that episode last Thursday night, the crash scene was horrific, no? I really found it disturbing. What else… oh I don’t think Carrie Weaver will get custody of Henry and wasn’t it a lovely scene when Abbey read her board results? I wonder if she and Carter will get together again. Hope so. Must confess I’d be glad if Luca/Sam/Alex left the show.

  2. Alex Hung says:

    Thank you, my other half… No thanks to TiVo which thinks that I wanted to watch ‘Without a Trace’ instead of ER!

  3. flaming zinc says:

    Well I can understand TiVo prefering Anthony LaPalgia over the current ER males 🙂

  4. Alex Hung says:

    And Poppy Montgomery over any of the ER females… 😀

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