Posted: 05/31/2004 in daily life, studying, travel
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Been too busy and my little head is all a whirl, last week I sat my first two English exam and then headed off to Edinburgh for a few days respite.

Needless to say I had an awesome time.

Whizzed around a few galleries and had a general mooch about. For so many years this wonderful city has been a glorified transportation node (quite literally as I was born here to) either jumping off a train at Waverly and then catching a bus or a pit stop on a road trip around the relatives. There has been quite a bit of redevelopment esp around my arch nemesis the bus station. I daren’t even add up the number of hours from a bairn upwards that I spent waiting to catch the 62 to Peebles. I digress, Edinburgh is going posh (even posher than the all fur coat and no knicker brigade) and it is building up collection of designers to rival SoHo. It has a glass church at its centre so the good folk can worship at the house of Harvey Nicks. But, far more exciting than the house of couture is the redesigned bus station. It is a stunner and no more freezing to death as the wind whips you 🙂


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