sex, drugs and star trek

Posted: 05/10/2004 in pop culture, sci-fi, television
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The crew of the Enterprise NX-01 have always been rougher around the edges than their successors, but T’Pol’s experimentation with sex & drugs (superbly portrayed by Jolene Blalock – will she get a nod from Emmys or Globes?), Archer stealing technology and their current fragile state as they limp towards the show down with the Xindi. I loved the way they had to physically haul the doors open/closed and now they resemble Red Dwarf.

But, I hate it when Star Trek dabble in the temporal paradox episodes – they are generally disappointing (remember Kes leaping about in time on Voyager, none of those hook ups came to fruition) and I just know I will end up hollering at the telly. As far as I am concerned if they fail to make to the same mistake then their future selves will cease to exist, full stop.

Scott Bakula should know better, he was in Quantum Leap after all.

  1. céline says:

    Time-travel RUINED the finale of Voyager. If Janeway found a way to travel in time to save her favourite crewmembers, why didn’t she go back way back in time to stop them getting lost altogether?? This episode was aired 2 years ago and I’m still scratching my head.

    However, it does allow for little jewels, like superbrain Captain Janeway struggling to type on a 20th century keyboard using two fingers. he he.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    I had totally blotted out the finale of Voyager – you are right it was dreadful and not thought out at all.

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