The One With the Loss of Interest

Posted: 05/05/2004 in television
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In case you have been living under a rock or down a rabbit hole in the case of Saddam this is the final season of Friends and tomorrow night is the last episode. Am I sad that the shutters are going down on Central Perk and it marks the penultimate nail (ER is still hanging on in there – no thanks to Carter’s malingering presence) in NBC’s ‘Must See TV’ Thursday night line short no.

It used to be one of the funnier comedies with twenty-somethings struggling to find themselves and a catchy theme tune to boot. But, now they are collectively closer to their fourth decades and how many seasons ago did they all get ‘real’ jobs (come on even Phoebe is now working at a spa). I wish it had come to a dignified end before it got mediocre – sometime around the Bing/Gellar wedding or Rachel’s pregnancy.

There is something to be said for the British format of television shows having much shorter seasons (in general comedies six episodes and dramas less than 12). IMO it gives you a better quality of writing (with less of the dreadful filler/retrospectives) and the cast/crew have more opportunities to diversify and less chance to become type cast. Take Ben Elton, he has written some of the greatest British sit-coms (The Young Ones, Blackadder), novels (Stark, This Other Eden), toured with his stand up and now written several West End musicals…phew!

You might have guessed that I wont be tuning in to see the fate of Ross and Rachel (their relationship is not on par with Mulder/Scully) I intend to go and watch Dogville instead.

  1. jennifer c. says:

    How can you not watch the last episode!! Wow, I admit that it has gone downhill, but I still simply must know how it all ends up.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    I just can’t be bothered (turn off tv week has encouraged me to priorities my viewing) and Ross *really* annoys me – he has turned into this strange, scary caricature of his former self…growing more and more OTT each week. Plus, it clashes with CSI and going head to head my adoration for Grissom will beat most everything 🙂

    In a total unrelated aside, I rediscovered an old song today ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel from ‘Say Anything’….the song still gives me chills and who can beat John Cusack with a boom box in the ultimate romantic gesture….

  3. jennifer c. says:

    That song was perfect for that movie!! That movie is def. what makes women love John Cusack, in my opinion. I had my friend Kimberlee sit and watch it with me, and her appreciation of John Cusack increased invariably.

    I want to marry Lloyd Dobler!

  4. Daisy says:

    I’m chuckling at the title of this post. David Schwimmer is the main reason I’ve lost interest in Friends lately (I think we’re a few weeks behind you here in the UK) and although I’m mildly interested in seeing *how* Ross and Rachel get together, I can’t say I’d actually put the tv on to find out. I think they’re very wise to pull the plug on this one now.

  5. flaming zinc says:

    You know I bet I have got my timing just right for my visit to London….after being bombarded with the Friends specials (over 3 hrs on tv last night alone) for the past few weeks over here I reckon when i am back in blightly Channel 4/E4 will be just about to start their countdown too!

    Oh well….

  6. céline says:

    You’re completely right about knowing when to say stop. The best British sitcom of recent years (in my humble opinion) only lasted 2 series (that’s a mere 12 episodes + a Christmas special), and would have undoubtedly suffered if they had kept it going. As it stands, it’s perfect, hilarious and unforgettable. I’m talking about The Office, of course. They’re currently filming the American version.

  7. flaming zinc says:

    Definitely quality over quantity 🙂

    I shudder to think about the US version of The Office. I refused to watch the remake of Coupling as I knew it was going to be bad…the cast just weren’t believable and didn’t throw themselves into like the Brit crew.

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