Posted: 05/03/2004 in daily life, education

First exam in two weeks time – the words “midnight” “burning” “oil” spring to mind!

  1. jennifer c. says:

    I can empathize with that! This is the last week of classes before finals. I have 2 programs due by Tuesday, and 3 more by Thursday. It isn’t a huge deal, but in classes that oh-so-rarely have homework, it is atrocious!

    Oh heavens. Then I have that Art paper that I completely forgot about.

    And, the ever-hateful finals begin next week. After next Thursday, I will be a much more happy bunny.

  2. john bate says:

    Phew, what it is to be young and living in New Yotrk – did someone mentioned the gaza strip.

  3. flaming zinc says:

    Good Luck with your finals and homework 🙂

    If truth be told I am actually rather excited about sitting these exams – I have some thing to prove and if I do well in the ones this summer and next January then I could be (fingers cross, touch wood) be returning to college……

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