pour petrol on a burning man

Posted: 05/02/2004 in films
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Tony Scott’s Man of Fire is a rather linear affair and with not too many surprises but the directors use of mixing grainy video with film, subtitles (even in the parts spoken in English) and some canny editing tricks that kept my interest.

As a functioning drunk, Denzel Washington works as a body guard to a rich Mexican family whilst trying to justify his murky ‘special forces’ past. Slowly, he builds a relationship with his young charge, and she in turn in need of a ‘father figure’ grows to idolise him. The tension builds, as you know this is not to last and you clock watch waiting for the kidnapping. There is a bungled ransom, corrupt policemen and from this shambles Washington emerges, phoenix-style, in search of revenge. There is a splendid cameo from Christopher Walken, as his retired mentor – who could have been portraying a happy ending to one of his previous incarnations.

Overall, not bad – would get it on DVD as I think the directors commentary would be very interesting.

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