Can there be too many vampire movies?

Posted: 04/22/2004 in films, pop culture
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Just got back from test screening of Van Helsing, it was well worth the wait in the queue as the director Stephen Sommers introduced it and announced that we were the first audience to see the whole shebang.

The trailers have been quite misleading, portraying it as a straight vampire drama in the same vein as (couldn’t resist please forgive) Blade but this is very much a family action slash adventure slash comedy – it contains the all the elements that make up a perfect summer blockbuster. For us narrative junkies Van Helsing is the mysterious Euro-slayer from Dracula, here he is working for a secret multi-faith organisation that utilise him to kill supernatural evil forces (of course). There is even a Q like character who has all the ‘latest’ gadgets for our hero. The premise is simple he is sent to Transylvania to protect a princess and battle Dracula – chaos ensues.

Yes – the plot is silly, yes – there is more than a liberal use of CGI but who cares they are not aiming for Chekhov. There is a spooky deja vu with last summers LXG since they overlap villains but in this incarnation it doesn’t take itself to serious and works. Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale are excellent in their respective roles and seem to have a lot of fun with the battle of the barnets. But, in the true tradition of horror Dracula is the star and Richard Roxburgh does a capital job (I have a feeling his inspiration was Adam Ant and I kept waiting for him to break into a verse from ‘Prince Charming’). Plus keep you eyes peeled for for a relative of Riff Raff.


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