Aren’t we all super-heroes?

Posted: 04/22/2004 in films, pop culture
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Day dreaming away at work I started to mull over a thread in Kill Bill Vol. 2 – which BTW was a most excellent film but for the full upper/downer effect it needs to be viewed straight after Vol. 1. Bill starts rambling about how Superman is his favourite super hero as his costume is not the cape and spandex (as it is with Batman, Spiderman, etc) but the clothes of Clark Kent, so he has to dumb down to fit in rather than glam up to stand out. Interesting – so to varying degrees we all put on our costume and act out a role. So, the question is are you a Batman or Superman – dressing up or down….

I swear this post made sense in my head – but doesn’t appear to translate…I think I really need some telly…too much time to think can be bad thing!


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