Say it isn’t so!

Posted: 04/06/2004 in films
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Okay, I can feel a small rant coming….enough already with the remakes. Why can’t Hollywood re-release classic movies so that other generations can appreciate them instead of hashing out sub-standard replicates?

Cinescape is reporting that a producer of The Fast and the Furious will produce a new version of To Catch a Thief and move the location from the French Riviera to Miami. How can you meddle with Hitchcock, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly – what are they going to give us McG, Van Petrol and JLo – or in a worse case scenario Paul Walker….

  1. Giver of Life says:

    Also coming remake of Flight of the Phoenix – remember – big plane full of tortured yet resourceful men in khaki – fly model plane whole nine yards to freedom????

  2. Daisy says:

    Isn’t that strange, we were just talking about Flight of the Phoenix (having watched a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci). I really agree with you about remakes – it’s pointless and nearly always ends up with a vastly inferior version but as always, money and egos rule so I guess we have to learn to live with them.

  3. jennifer c. says:

    Oh, just hearing the words “Paul Walker” bring tears of sorrow to my eyes.

    It’s not even like he’s that cute anymore, either. Just no pros at all — all cons!

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