The following takes place between 10am and 11am @ the local supermarket…..

Posted: 04/05/2004 in pop culture, television
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So, as I wandered around doing my grocery shopping this morning, singing along to The Darkness (a great way I find to empty the aisles as everyone gives the strange Brit girl a wide berth) I was thinking over the last few episodes of 24.

It irks me that CTU did not tell the hotel to immediately shut down their air con as soon as they became a target but then I guess they wouldn’t have been able to infect the onsite CTU team and have those touching moments between Michelle & Tony. Plus, if they were going for reality then Tony would still be recovering from the anaesthetic rather than wandering around the office with his shaving cut gun shot wound! I am loving this seasons suave British baddies (does Dr Corday know who she is dating?!) but they seem to be taking it in a Die Hard: With a Vengeance style direction. Will we see Jack and Chase trying to work out maths problems in the park so the virus isn’t released again or is this all subterfuge whist the crown jewels are being stolen?

What I most like about this series is that it is a truly plot driven drama – there is no pussy footing around with the characters as they are all (possibly barring Jack – but you never know) liable to be killed off in an unpredictable event. There is none of the usual saccharin sweetness of the Third Watch or ER style ‘Tonight they will loose one of their own’…. yuk!


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