Rabbit, Hare, Bunny

Posted: 04/01/2004 in daily life, education

Is it just me or is this year whizzing by?

It’s 1st April already and Easter is a few short weeks away. I have already received chocolate care parcels from my family in the UK and our fridge is starting to look like a corner shop. I am sure that the only reason they pandered to my desire for a Harry Potter Easter egg is because I am so far away and surely 27 isn’t that old……

The cold hard truth is starting to dawn on me that in less than 7 weeks time I will be returning to London to sit my AS exams in English Lit & Lang and Classics. The good news is that I have nearly finished the courses and should be on track to start revision next week. The bad news I was just about to start the final topic on Greek architecture and was horrified by the dryness of the set text….I had Nam geology degree flashbacks! But, I can relax I had ordered the wrong text book – phew the user friendly dummies guide to ruins is now winging it’s way to me 🙂

Let’s hope that Ian and Adam’s row in The Archers doesn’t lead to a rift…..they’re far more interesting than the self build and wedding plot line.

  1. Giver of Life says:

    Glad that the daughter in Hoboken can take the sending of the chocolate eggs so lightly. Has she really contemplated the spatial skills needed to cope with packaging x amount of large and y amount of tiny eggs into z amount of cardboard space – given the amount of superfluous packaging on said eggs???

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